An Entertaining Japanese Drama to Watch

I found a website that has a lot of Japanese drama films and other programming on it. I have really enjoyed watching a lot of the films, because I would not have been able to access them otherwise. I have watched some really tender romantic films as well as some action adventure ones. One of my favorites though is called Assassination Classroom 2015. I found it on this site and was able to watch a trailer of it, and it just mesmerized me from the beginning.

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“Growing” Popularity in Celebrity Hair Transplants

Hair loss is one of the most common grievances amongst men and can affect about 40 percent of women. Whilst there’s no harm in aging gracefully the effects of baldness can be far more penetrating than merely the loss of hair.

Hair loss can be emotionally debilitating as it isolates you and makes you go deep within yourself. You feel alienated from your friends and family as you feel violated and anxious, unable to openly discuss your feelings surrounding it. Suddenly your trapped in your own dark world, trust me I know. Unless you are a hair loss sufferer it’s impossible to understand or relate. Be warned though as no one is immune to hair loss and chances are it is something you will experience at some stage.

As a sufferer you feel a loss of identity and self-image when you start to realize your losing your hair and it truly can be devastating. Your loss in confidence and self-esteem along with the lack of control surrounding your hair loss only amplifies your fear.

A recent survey revealed that 47 percent of hair los sufferers would spend their life savings to regain a full head of hair and that the likes of Johnny Depp and Jennifer Aniston were the hair inspirations for spending up to £20,000 on hair loss solutions. In addition to this financial sacrifice, 30 percent of people said they’d be willing to give up sex if it meant they could have a full head of hair. Others said they’d forgo cigarettes and even weekends.

Celebrities – especially men – are getting much more comfortable with the idea of surgical hair restoration and we are seeing many more famous men embracing the procedure every day. The truth is it is nothing to be embarrassed about.

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6 Famous People Who Eerily Predicted Their Own Deaths

It’s always fun to speculate about how we’ll die, like to break the ice during a party or while chatting in the subway with terrified strangers. We’ve all done that, right? Well, you should probably cut it out, you freaking weirdo, because sometimes those oddly specific death scenarios turn out to come true. We’ve told you about famous musicians who predicted their own deaths through songs, but this tragic superpower is (er, “was”) shared by notable people in all fields …

 Mark Twain Nailed His Death Date Within a Day

Mark Twain is arguably one of the greatest American writers that literature has ever seen, blessed with immense wit, a sharp sense of humor, and a killer mustache. He gave us classic children’s characters like Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, and N-word Jim. What you might not know is that, apparently, he could also see the future — specifically, the part where he died.

The Prediction:

In 1909, Twain joked that the next time Halley’s Comet passed close to Earth, he would “go out” with it. He didn’t mean romantically: The comet had last been visible from Earth in the year Twain was born, 1835, so he claimed it would be the “greatest disappointment of my life” if it didn’t also pass at the time of his death. According to Twain, God must have said, “Now here are these two unaccountable freaks; they came in together, they must go out together.”

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Celebs push back against the paparazzi

Here’s a nasty new nickname for a much-loathed media species: the “pedorazzi.”

It’s even worse than calling them “stalkerazzi.”

But the celebs who are hurling the epithet are mad as heck. Empowered by social media and driven by zeal to protect their children, some of Hollywood’s most famous moms and dads are pushing back against the snappers who snap at their heels.

“If it sounds nasty, that’s because it is nasty,” says Kristen Bell, actress (Veronica Mars), mom (11-month-old daughter) and newly minted crusader with her actor husband, Dax Shepard (Parenthood), against the paparazzi pack they say is terrorizing their baby.

On Twitter, she calls them “hunters” and “predators,” and she she mocks their rights under the First Amendment.

“The Founding Fathers could never’ve anticipated such misuse of the #FirstAmendment. #PhotographersGoneWild #pedorazzi,” she retweeted from another user Feb. 24, adding “Well said.”

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7 Cool Wall Art Ideas For Your Teenage Girl’s Room

Decorate your teenage girl’s room using the following: paintings, mirrors, letters & wall plaques, posters, cork boards, wall stickers, and pegs.

Moms always make sure everything is right for her little girl. Surprise her by getting some furnishing for the wall in her room. Here are some lovely wall decor ideas for her room.


Painting are the most conventional wall decors. Paintings add elegance to rooms, choose one that appeals to your tastes. If your girl is quite an artist herself, you can let her create her own painting she can hang on her wall.


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Using Voice Over Scripts to Perfect Your Talent

With the economy as bad as it is today, people are now looking for more creative ways to stay employed so they can actually stay alive! What is great for some people is that in the entertainment industry, the voice over artistry field is something that would provide them the opportunity to do something they actually like while earning an income. If you have the talent to jump into the voice over industry, you should start to sharpen the skills by recording voice over scripts from various sources. This will allow you to practice different expressions so you can have a wide range of demos for the auditions you plan to go on in the future.

As you may know, there are thousands of voice over scripts available online. In fact, many of the sites on the Internet provide free sample scripts that you really have to pay nothing for. While these scripts are helpful in getting you the practice you need before going on auditions, they may not necessarily be designed to suit specific area of the industry you are interested in, so you may not able to do an effective voice over. Nonetheless, you can probably start at this point by rehearsing those free voice over scripts just to get your groove going.

There are other resources that offer high-quality voice over scripts used by hiring directors and television stations. It would probably be a better idea to source and purchase some of these test scripts because you would be able to practice just what it is the hiring entities are looking to hear from new auditions. Allowing yourself to practice from these scripts would definitely give you an advantage over people who have stuck with the free sample scripts that are available on the Internet.

What you need to bear in mind when rehearsing voice over script is that the scripts for television shows or movies will be much different from scripts for commercials. Remember that commercials are usually 15, 30 or 45 seconds long, so they require a different kind of expression and quality of interpretation to get the message across in a shorter space of time. Scripts for movies and stage presentations often lasts longer than commercial scripts, so you will have a little more time to work the emotion into the narration to get the results you need.

Whether you use free sample voice over scripts or the ones that are specifically used by hiring entities, you need to make sure that you give yourself the flexibility to interpret and express the scripts in several different ways. The voice over artistry industry is not particularly easy to break into because hiring bodies are looking for the person with that extra bit of talent. You can only develop that talent by practicing various styles of presentation so the hiring entities have more to listen to before coming to a decision.

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Create Precious Moments For Yourself – Discover Who You Really Are

This past year has been particularly wonderful for me as I was lucky to spend many days entertaining people that are most special to me…it was my way to express love and appreciation towards them.

I got into my body, my mind and spirit even more than usual. I allowed each encounter to be a full body experience. I mean this in more of a sensual manner rather than sexual.

I´m sure you´re wondering what the heck I´m trying to say!

Well let´s start with a question:

What does sensuality mean to you?

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The Origins of Mickey Mouse

Mickey’s Precursor: Oswald the Lucky Rabbit

If it weren’t for Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, Mickey Mouse would never have been created.

In 1927, Walt Disney was a 26 year old animator with the bankruptcy of his business, Kansas City-based Laugh-O-Gram Studio, just recently behind him. Disney had decided to reinvent himself in a new place, and he’d chosen the fledgling film capital of Hollywood, California to be that place.

Disney soon struck a deal with an animated film distributor called Margaret Winkler for a series of cartoons roughly based on “Alice in Wonderland.” When Winkler married later that year, she turned her business over to her husband Charles Mintz who requisitioned a new series of cartoons from Disney based on anthropomorphic animal. Disney and Mintz sold the rights to this cartoon character to Universal Studios before it was even created. Disney and his animator decided to make the new character a rabbit. Universal Studios picked the name “Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.”

Oswald represented an entirely new direction in cartoon characters. In addition to gag lines that ran as subtitles underneath the action, Oswald was funny because his body could compress and expand. Oswald could turn any prop at hand into a tool that would help get him out of his wacky jams. Oswald, in short, was a kind of visual vaudeville comedy routine.

Oswald turned out to be extremely popular in the 27 black and white shorts he starred in, and Walt Disney attempted to use that popularity to negotiate more money from Universal. This was the height of the Depression however, and Universal, through their spokesperson Charles Minz, tried to get Disney instead to accept a 20 percent pay cut.

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Will Lupita N’yongo Rise From “It Girl” to Leading Lady?

How Lupita N’yongo can “Stay Winning”

Lupita N’yongo has been nominated for an Oscar for her role as Patsey in “12 Years A Slave”. She is up against a strong panel of actresses including Jennifer Lawrence and Julia Roberts. It would be ground-breaking for Ms. N’yongo to win the coveted award, but history has shown it takes much more than an Oscar nod for actresses of color to acquire desirable roles.

In 2002 Halle Berry, elegant and captivating in embroidered Elie Saab famously rose to the top of the cinema’s A List, as the first black American actress to win an Oscar as leading lady in a dramatic role. Her groundbreaking win for “Monster’s Ball”, directed by Marc Forster and produced by Lee Daniels, signaled the winds of change were blowing even in Hollywood. Her passionate and tearful acceptance speech, noted that a “door had been opened… ” for actresses of color. Though the door indeed had been opened, that opening apparently was not wide enough for the roles to sweep in or shall we say not wide enough to bridge Hollywood casting fears.

Ms. Berry did go on to star in the James Bond installment, “Die Another Day” opposite Pierce Brosnan. In 2004 she starred in “Catwoman”, which was slammed by critics but ultimately went on to break even on its estimated $100MM budget with International screens and DVD sales. She reprised her role as Storm in the “X-men” in 2006. Yet, thereafter her next big budget leading role or roles would come opposite Tom Hanks in the Wachowski brothers’ “Cloud Atlas” in 2012. “Cloud Atlas” said to have a budget of over $100MM though well received by some critics had poor ticket sales. Ms. Berry is due back in her role as Storm in the upcoming “X-men” installment, as a star packed action film, it has a chance to return the huge box office numbers that will advance Ms. Berry’s status in the eyes of film producers.

All actors bemoan the lack of meaningful roles, but for actors and actresses of color it is more dire. In the past clutching the golden statue meant broader opportunities, better roles and more choice. That was not the reality for Ms. Berry. Traditionally, actresses of color have struggled more than their male counterparts to find success in Hollywood films. Black male actors have been able to ascend whether in buddy comedies or as the tough guy lead. It is well noted that the black male tough guy lead apparently can not, according to Hollywood producers, have a black love interest which poses another issue of concern for Lupita. Further as a dark skinned black woman and not racially ambiguous in appearance like Ms. Berry or Ms. Patton, there are greater un-spoken issues. Looking at the track record of actresses cast in major films in America, I can not imagine an America director choosing Ms. N’yongo for the Patsey role. Had Spike Lee directed “12 Years A Slave” you could bet your lunch money a fair hued black actress would have been chosen.

Currently Jennifer Lawrence is Hollywood’s Belle of the Ball. Ms. Lawrence won an oscar for her 2012 role in “Silver Linings Playbook”. She then starred in three films in 2013 and she currently has five major films in post production. Her “Hunger Games” salary has been said to be at the $10MM mark for now yet sure to rise for coming films. The bottom line being Ms. Lawrence’s films have been largely successful. Though those salary figures do not compare to leading man salaries, it far out strips the earnings of any actress of color at the moment.

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Celebrity Cosmetic Surgery Disasters Boosts Demand For Procedures

Despite a series of high-profile cosmetic surgery disasters – from PIP Implants to Tara Reid’s tummy tuck to Leslie Ash’s ‘trout pout’ – it appears that rather than deter people from having procedures, it is inspiring them to have more minor procedures.

It seems that while the more invasive procedures, such as facelifts, liposuction and breast augmentation and receiving a bad press and declining in popularity, the perception amongst the general public is that non invasive procedures, such as Botox, are safe – and this perception is fuelling their popularity.

Even warnings from the industry’s own association, Baaps, about the risks involved in cosmetic surgery are helping to push customers to more temporary operations and procedures, such as dermal fillers and laserlipo.

The NHS spends millions of pounds every year on repairing botched cosmetic treatments and an amazing 47,000 British women had been given controversial PIP breast implants, which may have been filled with industrial grade silicon and liable to rupture.

In contrast to the pain and trauma undergone in a procedure such as traditional liposuction, new and less-invasive procedures, such as Coolsculpting, involve little downtime, no general anaesthetic and speedy fat loss results.

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